Trust the Promise of Ease by Allah | Umrah Packages from Birmingham

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. To be wounded is necessary and it is the only way through which one can gain real strength. It develops gradually when you pass through some of the addresses, your vulnerability can only be handled by the strength of faith. Anyone can fall weak but it is only about getting up again and making things work. The courage you get from your faith lets you believe in the promise made by Allah of making things easy if you trust him.

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Even our beloved Prophet (PBUH) was not spared from hardships of life. He had to face everything to get stronger. Your soul needs nourishment in the form of Allah’s remembrance. When you call him he listens and responds. There is no other to deal with hardships of life, we are sinful, and our soul is saddened because of our sinful acts. Now it needs to be connected with one and only Allah the Almighty. All you have to do is to frame yourself in a best possible situation and then trust on Allah, let him make it possible for you. Obedience is another step to be in the shadow of Allah’s blessing and mercy. To achieve these ranks only you need to trust his plans and decisions for you.

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