Time Tracker Apps are useful.


Time tracking apps are designed to help you record the amount of time that you are spending on tasks. A Time Tracking App is particularly useful when you are breaking down your tasks into small batches since tracking time between them can become harder.

Online timesheets are some of the most popular ways to log billable hours, however they come short, as the time logged in is based on guesswork rather than an accurate estimation.

A time tracking app on the other hand can better capture the amount of time that is spent on various projects and give you a good picture of what your day actually looks like. These apps can create a timeline based on what you did to give you a snapshot of your day and add a layer of transparency that is crucial for accountability.

Find out what time works best for you:

While nine to five has become the standard time zone of productivity, it is not where most of the productivity happens. Unfortunately, there is no commonly accepted time where everyone magically becomes productive.

Start by analyzing your focus. Do you feel more “in the zone” during early morning, mid-day or night time? Try and track the way you feel as you go along a day. There will be hours where you will be unstoppable, while those where even the simplest tasks seem impossible.Over a period of days, a pattern should begin to reveal itself. Time tracking tools can be helpful here, too.

You can also try and determine when you have done some of your best work. Since this usually happens because you got something right, it stands to reason that recreating the circumstances which led to it will yield similar results.

Finally, your coworkers, friends and family might be able to provide some feedback on how you act through a day. Try and find commonalities between their input, so, if everyone seems to think that you look rather tired between two-three, then that time is not when you want to be working on something important.

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