Tai Lopez – The True Truth


So you wish to understand the truth about Tai Lopez? He’s pretty much taken over social media in the past couple of years, and his ads are everywhere but who the hell is he and can you trust his message?

In my honest view Tai Lopez is a good man and has a lot of excellent information to share, and in this article, I’m going to share my honest opinion, and that which I think is the fact about Tai Lopez.

One thing that made me laugh was a post I just came across this was slating Tai Lopez and calling him a scammer. Is this man for real? Of course, you can find out everything about business in my opinion from someone like this.

Unfortunately, there are many dumb people in the world who do not understand much, and it’s often difficult to argue with these people. There’s a famous saying, “do not argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” I’ve personally found this to be true, and the internet just further proves that.

 There are some reasons why Tai is untrue and not a scammer.

He’s too big for a scammer — This guy has over 1 billion minutes of movie play time on YouTube and has attained over 100 million people. If he were a scammer, he would have been shut down by authorities a long time ago. He hangs about with big-name celebrities — Sports stars and business people understand him, have been to his house and regularly spend some time with him hanging out at sports events. If he was a scammer that they would not associate with him.

He’s been featured in Forbes, Business Inc along with other prominent publications.

Now I know some people will say goodbye, but those people are just going to his house because he’s inviting them paying them whatever. Trust me guys like Mark Cuban (the billionaire) have a whole lot more important things to be doing than hanging out with scammers. Tai had Mark Cuban over his house for a meeting and also to just hang out, discuss books, business and play basketball. This was not your average “interview” as these two guys had chemistry got on great together.

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