Getting Ready For the First Day of Kindergarten


It is September and time for your child to start kindergarten. You have obtained the school provides, the new backpack, new clothes, and new shoes. The first day of school you’re so excited about your vast kindergartner! However, when you get to school, it’s fairly obvious he’s not as enthusiastic as you are. This school is significantly larger than his preschool. It’s full of unknowns. And he doesn’t want you to leave!

Many a child won’t allow her parents to leave her in the classroom with the teacher for weeks in their¬†Beylikduzu Anaokulu¬† year. There are numerous books about kindergarten that assist kids with ABC’s and 123′s, and people are accommodating. But when a child should feel comfortable about being abandoned in a classroom, what kid needs is a book that will walk him through the kindergarten year in a means that will help him feel more comfortable about his parents leaving him in the classroom.

With over 25 years of experience with kids, and two of these as a kindergarten teacher’s aide, I will tell you your child’s first days and weeks of kindergarten can be a smooth transition. I had many kids in my kindergarten that only needed to be prepared for kindergarten by being told what to expect to feel safe walking to the classroom.

What type of field trips will we go on? Most importantly, will anybody at school think I’m unique? Who are of the adults I will be spending some time with while I am at school? What happens in the classroom during the year?

Be sure that you read as many books about moving to kindergarten to your child as possible. Start looking for books that discuss all aspects of the school year. Take your child to the school and walk them around the various classrooms they’ll be spending some time in. You will give them the best possible start to their school year by helping them feel comfortable in their new environment.

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