Famous designs of custom die cut boxes

die cut boxes

A die cut box has been die cut in different shapes. The best quality corrugated cardboard is put into a machine and make it by sharp rules or by creasing rules. This means that die cut box makers can select where cuts or creases are made.

It is not difficult to acquire a custom die cut box designed. When it is designed it is not difficult to order the boxes that will be required and will be easier to rearranging them because the design is completed. Cheap custom boxes gives full CMYK or PMS colors to the flat papers and cards in the printing procedure. We give a choice of UV layer to customers for the paper’s stability and shine. Furthermore, we are offering free graphic designing and lamination for Silky or Matt surface to the printed paper.

Some die cut boxes famous designs are:

  • Ballot boxes

These die cut boxes are great for competition items and other advertising that a industry can run.

  • Match stick boxes

These die cut boxes slide to make a covered packing without having attached lids.

  • Bin boxes

These die cut boxes are open shaped. They can be used for storing of smaller products on shelves.

  • Gift boxes

Consumers will pay a premium for die cut decorative boxes.

  • Cross fold boxes

These die cut boxes are best for delivery items such as filters and books.

  • Suitcase boxes

These die cut boxes are formed like a briefcase and contain a holder to help carry whatever is inside.

  • Mailer boxes

The top covers are attached to these die cut boxes to make it easier to deliver things in.