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Verily, we have created the human being in a state of constant toil and struggle” (Qur’an 90:4)

So, according to the verse it is understood that hardships can never be eliminated from life. We can’t get away from stress because this suffering is for a purpose. The best part is that happiness has nothing to do with events going around but contentment is something we carry inside us. It lies right there in the heart, one just have to feel it. A believer’s life is amazing because the way he puts his faith and trust on Allah, occurrences have to turn into his benefits. You can also say that no matter what happened but belief will always win over sorrow and doubts.

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Human being is judgmental. He tries to think logically where he should leave it on fate and on certain situations where one needs to get up and find the way on their own, they leave it on fate.

Life is full of surprises and mind should be trained according to it, it is hard on you because it has a purpose and is about learning lessons for future. People around you will tell you what to do and how to do but you have to make sure that get answers of questions on your own. Look out for the divinity, converse where connection of soul is felt.

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